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Canada Day Parade and Drumming Challenge

We had a lot of fun participating in the Canad Day parade again this year! Followed by the parade, was the Canada Day Drumming Challenge where Sifu Jimmy Chan gathered hundreds of drummers from around Montreal to take part in the Guinness World Records to have the most amount of drummers across all provinces drumming together in Canada!

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Hoàng Anh Châu Hô and Duy Lam Phan’s Wedding

We performed at the wedding reception of Hoàng Anh Châu Hô and Duy Lam Phan’s. A big congratulations on their big day!

This show included a Goo Mo Do drumming solo by our sifu Jimmy Chan!


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Wedding Reception at Riviera Hall

We performed at the Rivera Reception Hall for the wedding reception of our friend Joanna. A big congratulations to her and her husband on their big special day!

This show included a Goo Mo Do drumming solo by our sifu Jimmy Chan!


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YCPA Orchid Ball

We performed lion dance as part of the YCPA Orchid Ball opening ceremony!

Club founder/coach/captain Jimmy Chan starts the show off with his drumming performance Goo Mo Do, performing with Japanese Drummer, Wendy.


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Jimmy states,

Goo Mo Do () – “The Way Of The Drumbeat”.

The creation of my drumming style have earned great exposure which breaks barriers by combining drumming styles from different cultures. My unique style has gained a lot of popularity among a diverse audience.

Which named my drumming style called : Goo Mo Do (), which translates to “The Way Of The Drumbeat”. I developed this drumming style 10 years ago. I have been drumming since I was a kid, playing with different kinds of drums and learning from many masters.

It’s not that I don’t like the traditional drumming style. I have been observing the way the new generation has been evolving, so I think it’s a good idea to pass down the traditions in a way that will attract the younger generation.

Goo Mo Do (), combines Japanese drumming, Western drumming, Brazilian drumming, African drumming as well as Chinese drumming.
The philosophy behind Goo Mo Do () is to drum according to your heart.

I always tell my students that “art” is an expression of how you see and how you feel and to bring your imagination into reality. I think this concept is very important for all art forms, performers and artists. There should be no restrictions and no rules to how you can express yourself in a certain art form. Art is a personal that can be shared with the audience to appreciate the creation. That is what I have been doing for the last 10 years with my drumming style–to create and generate a new expression away from the traditional art forms to attract the younger generations as well as other cultures to come and drum together.

When I combined my Goo Mo Do drumming performance with the Japanese drummer. The represents the coming together of different cultures, and expresses the union of different art forms. It is the traditional art form transformed into a more modernized and liberated style that can allow one to express their “Heart, Soul and Mind” with the entire world as the heartbeat of the drum is a universal language. This is what I call Goo Mo Do (), “The Way Of The Drumbeat”.

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Jillian and Ivan’s Wedding

We performed lion dance at Jillian and Ivan’s wedding reception. Captain Jimmy Chan threw in a Goo Mo Do Drumming Solo as a special gift for their special day.


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