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First Non-Stop Flight From Beijing to Montreal

We performed lion dance at Trudeau Airport to celebrate the first non-stop flight from Beijing to Montreal!


CTV News:

More Lion Dance footage:

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(CTV News) The first non-stop flight from China to Montreal landed at Trudeau Airport Tuesday afternoon to much fanfare.

The excitement over the landing was about much more than just a flight path — it’s also about a plan to make Montreal a more relevant destination.

A hugely anticipated arrival, the Boeing 777 landed at Trudeau Airport almost 13 hours in the air after taking off from Beijing.

“This bridge between our two continents will have a major impact for us and our Chinese partners and will enhance our longstanding friendship,” said Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre at the arrival.

For now, three flights weekly will leave and arrive at Trudeau Airport, equipped with 308 seats for luxury, business and economy travellers.

With China the largest outbound market in the world, Montreal is expecting these direct flights will bring an influx of new travellers, said Yves Lalumiere, president of Tourisme Montreal.

“Right now we have about 20,000 people from China visiting Montreal (per year). We’re looking at 100,000 people by 2018,” he said.

Air China’s fist expansion into Canada in more than two decades, the trans-Pacific link to Asia will have far-reaching implications for Montreal, its chosen gateway.
“The new direct flights will increase business activities by millions of dollars just in these years, over several years we expect it will be by tens of millions of dollars and eventually up to 100 millions of dollars,” said Michel Leblanc, president of the Montreal Board of Trade.

Dignitaries and top government officials, including China’s ambassador to Canada Luo Zhaohui, attended the event, which included a ceremonial water salute by twin trucks, for an inaugural flight and a safe landing.
Drums and a traditional lion dance added to the festive and impressive welcome into Trudeau Airport.

“I usually use Air Canada and stop in Toronto, and from today, myself and my colleagues will use the Montreal airport,” said Luo.

Quebec Minister of Trade and Commerce Jacques Daoust was on board the nonstop flight, returning home after a trade mission in China.

“I was upgraded to first-class – and it was first class,” laughed Daoust.

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“The Magic of Lanterns” Festival at The Chinese Garden

We performed lion dance at the Chinese Garden of the Botanical Garden for “The Magic of Lanterns” Festival! We will be performing every Thursday night of September at the Chinese Garden to continue the celebration at the Lantern Festival!

Here’s a clip rom CTV News covering the event!

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In early March 2011, Cirque Du Soleil invited our coach/founder Jimmy Chan to work with them as an Artistic Coach – New Creation Artistic Director for their MICHAEL JACKSON – THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR, premiering on October 1st in Montreal at the Bell Center.

Jimmy was responsible for choreographing one of the dance routines performed by a group of acrobats from Japan. The dance involved manipulating an Elephant costume; similar to the Lion Dance! Jimmy taught the Japanese performers movements based on Chinese lion dancing.

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Our crew in the movie, “The Punisher: Warzone”

Our crew members: Jimmy, Matthew and Kane, were casted to be Actors in the movie – Punisher: Warzone on October 2007. Jimmy got Matthew and Kane to take part in the movie through his agent Johanne Titley.

Matthew and Kane were originally casted as background/figurant performers – However, the film producer and director were looking for two young and tough looking Asian punks with bad attitudes – and so Matthew and Kane got promoted on the set by the director. They were given speaking roles, and Jimmy performed stunts in the film.

The movie premieres on November 2008.

In the picture, scene of the movie Punisher: Warzone, where the Asian Gang Bangers are gathered together around a couch, you will see Jimmy sitting at the front right side, Kane sitting at the left far back, and Matthew sitting at the right far back.

Crew members, Matthew Chan and Kane Chan got their very own trailer for the production of Punisher: Warzone.

Jimmy, Matthew and Kane wearing their wardrobe costumes for the Punisher: Warzone movie.

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Our crew in the movie, “Deathrace”

Our club founder/captain, Jimmy Chan, was casted to be in the film, DeathRace, where he met the movie star, Jason Statham, and Robin Shou. After becoming close friends with Jimmy, Robin Shou, being a Chinese Hollywood actor, got involved with the Chinese community during his stay in Montreal.

More photos!

Jimmy and Jason Satham on the set of DeathRace

Jimmy and Robin Shou at the Montreal Chinese Community & Cultural Center

Our crew, Jimmy, Matthew and Kane in the background in a scene from Deathrace.

More photos!

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