Who Are We?

We are a group of performers dedicated to entertaining the public by performing the Chinese Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and Goo Mo Do. By doing public performances, we hope to give further exposure to the Chinese culture so that its unique traditions may be passed down to the younger generations.

Our club consists of close friends and family. Many of us have received training from several different schools and masters, and have come together to create the unique style that we perform today.

We are constantly thinking of new ways to improve our style. We have also performed along side with other lion dance troupes.




Our club was established in the early 1990’s by founder, Jimmy Chan. Since then, we have performed for many special events and occasions such as television commercials, movies, weddings, sports events, parades, documentaries, business openings, stage show performances, festivals, and more!



Our Mission

Our non-profit cultural art association collaborates with the non-profit Montreal Chan Dragon Boat Sports Club, and is part of the humanitarian organization One World, One Humanity.

Our mission is to discover new talent, create sportsmanship, and to provide opportunities for all artists to explore their talents; not only to experience new challenges, but to build strong character. It is our club vision and mission to explore our heritage for a new beginning of tomorrow.