Your performance was amazing even more so then the one I saw last fall. It is us that thank you for bringing such a great tradition and enjoyment to the Tran family and the Labrecque family. I have already spoken about your team to many acquaintances in hope that will all have the chance we’ve had to see you perform.

Thanks again and take care!

– Duy Tran Duc

Great lion and dragon dances last night! It’s always great to see how young Chinese people these days are still actively involved in the community as well as are keeping up Chinese traditions.

– Amy

The show was very special and personal for my wedding… We gave you extra money because I like the way you treat us!

Thank you so much for giving us this great chance to see your work and your passion for the Lion Dance and your Chinese drums (Goo Mo Do – The Way Of the Drum Beat)! You have given us a wonderful performance for us to remember for a long time to come!

Everybody was very surprised to see a Lion Dance in a wedding. For most of them, it was the first time. The children were so excited to see a baby lion and their parents. It was so cute!

We were very happy that the Lion Dance had gave a good memory of the Asian tradition for the guests.

You are a very good drummer! We think that you have a lot of talent. Thank you very much for the excellent performance. You gave us a special wedding and I will never forget that day.

– Anh Tran

It was nice to have you guys. Thanks for your great Lion Dance Team performance (Montreal Chan Lion Dance Team) and your Great Drumming!

– Eveline