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Wedding Videos

Subject:Bride Tribute
Clients:Susanne & Eljay
Year Premiered:2005
Length of Demo:2:56

Subject:Groom Tribute
Clients:Susanne & Eljay
Year Premiered:2005
Length of Demo:3:26

Subject:Growing Up Montage
Clients:Marie-Eve & Derek
Year Premiered:2004
Length of Demo:3:16

Clients:Ling Li & Chris Li
Year Premiered:2004
Length of Demo:8:20

Clients:Amelia & Carmelo
Year Premiered:2004
Length of Demo:2:43

"The finished work that is the wedding video is so creative and fantastic that we cannot help but eagerly show it to everyone. Your professionalism, creative skill and dedication is what makes you one of the best videographers in the industry".
- Carmelo and Amelia Cipolla

Clients:So Phann & Karrock
Year Premiered:2003
Length of Demo:3:42

" The video was absolutely amazing...I felt like getting married all over again after I watched it. You guys did such an incredible job recreating the emotions of that day. I was blown away....!"
- So Phann Pang