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Jimmy Chan meets Jackie Chan:

Our director/producer, Jimmy Chan, had the opportunity to meet Jackie Chan at the 2001 World Film Festival in Montreal.



New Year Charity Ball of the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center (January 27, 2012):

Jimmy organized a charity event to raise funds for the Chinese Community:
New Year Charity Ball of the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center.

The event included an 8-course meal and a show performed by various singers from around the country.

Many government officials and representatives attended the event in support of the fundraising. It was a very successful event!

Video (lion dance and dragon dance)

Photo Album

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Beijing Actress (2009):

Below, is a photo of our producer/director, Jimmy Chan, with a famous actress from Beijing. She came to Montreal to perform at the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center.



Jimmy in "The Punisher: Warzone (2008)":

Our producer/director, Jimmy Chan, was casted to be the Stunt Actor in the movie - Punisher: Warzone last year October 2007. Jimmy got Matthew Chan and Kane Chan to take part of the movie through Jimmy's agent Johanne Titley.

And during the first day of the shooting, the film producer and the director were looking for two young Asian tough looking punks with bad attitudes - and so Matthew and Kane were chosen and were upgraded on the set by the director to take part in action roles. They were given speaking roles.

(In the picture, scene of the movie Punisher II, where the Asian Gang Bangers are gathered together around a couch, you will see Jimmy sitting at the front right side, Kane sitting at the left far back, and Matthew sitting at the right far back. )

The movie premieres on November 2008.



Jimmy in "DeathRace" (2008):

Our producer/director, Jimmy Chan, was casted to be in the film, DeathRace, where he met the movie star, Jason Statham, and Robin Shou. After becoming close friends with Jimmy, Robin Shou, being a Chinese Hollywood actor, got involved with the Chinese community during his stay in Montreal.

More photos!

Jimmy and Jason Satham on the set of DeathRace

Jimmy and Robin Shou at the Montreal Chinese Community & Cultural Center

More photos!


Best Short Film Award (2007):

On June 9th, 2007, Jimmy Chan was awarded the Best Short Film Award in the Actra Awards in Montreal. Our 2007 short film, "The Litterbug" won by audience choice.
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Below is a video of Jimmy Chan's speech at the podium, receiving his award:



MUHC (2006):

MUHC - The Best Care For Life campaign ( Excellence in Women's Health ) a special MUHC foundation presents a special certificate award of great appreciation and in recognition to our Captain / Coach Mr. Jimmy Chan for his help and great support with his Lion Dance Team performance and his great sponsorship to the event. November.23.2006

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McGill Potus (2006):

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