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  "It is hard to express how much we appreciate all your great work with our video. It is amazing!! So here it is:

Thank you very much Norman and Jimmy for the outstanding work that is our wedding video! You captured the spirit of this important day so well that watching it even a year later feels like it was just yesterday. WE LOVE IT! We have been very blessed to have both of you record our wedding day.

From the rehearsal to the last hour of the reception, you caught all those moments that pass so quickly and most of the time, being the bride and groom, often miss. It has been wonderful watching our wedding day over again and seeing our friends and family have fun as they celebrated the day with us. The finished work that is the wedding video is so creative and fantastic that we cannot help but eagerly show it to everyone.

Your professionalism, creative skill and dedication is what makes you one of the best videographers in the industry.

Many thanks again!"

- Carmelo and Amelia Cipolla

"The video is wonderful. So great! I really appreciate it. I watched it 4 times already. We love it so so so much! I don't know how many thanks do we have to say to you. Thank you very much, Norman!

Thanks again and again!"

- Fanny Lee

"The video was absolutely amazing...I felt like getting married all over again after I watched it. You guys did such an incredible job recreating the emotions of that day. I was blown away....!"

- So Phann Pang

"SoPhann and I just wanted to tell you guys that our wedding video was amazing. We really liked it and we showed it to some of our friends at the ski trip from my laptop and they thought it was amazing also. That is good news because youíll probably get their business.

The product was beyond what SoPhann and I had expected. The special effects and the camera angles and etc were great. We donít really know how to explain how happy we are with what you guys have done. We definitely donít regret having you guys be part of our wedding and we will definitely be recommending all our friends to you".

- Karrock Tom