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Client:Concordia University
Year Premiered:2008
Length of Demo:3:58

Concordia Presents: An Evening of Chinese Opera
"The exchange program between Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) is a rare and unique opportunity for us to learn more about Chinese Opera by being in very close contact with it. We do not aspire, with this project, to become Chinese Opera specialists; but there are lessons in this stage art form that can tremendously enrich our own".

Client:Jerry Snell's FLASH (New Circus Asia)
Year Premiered:2008
Length of Demo:7:49

FLASH is a stage show consisting of acrobatics and martial arts. Watch as Jimmy Chan promotes FLASH and takes you behind the stage to get a close look at some of the performers!

Client:Phoenix Warriors (Dragon Boat Team)
Year Premiered:2007
Length of Demo:18:12

This is a segment from a documentary we produced for the dragon boat team, Phoenix Warriors, at their competition at the 2007 Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival.

Client:Dragon Knights Video Production
Year Premiered:2005
Length of Demo:3:18

With our producer/director, Jimmy Chan:
The making of the Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival commercial, 2005.