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Your Wedding Day

You have spent a year planning and dreaming for this special day. When it finally happens, it seems that it is all over too quickly. Your wedding day will be a joyous blur, and beautiful details will be forgotten quickly.

A wedding event is filled with many once-in-a-lifetime moments that cannot be recreated. A professionally created video of your wedding day will allow you to relive that day with all the sights and sounds beautifully captured. This is a once in a lifetime memento that you will cherish forever.

We are the alternative to "traditional" wedding videos

Through our unique film style cinematography and editing style, your video will be watched over and over again with family, friends, those who were unable to attend your wedding, your children and your grandchildren. Imagine if this technology existed in the days of your grand-parents. Wouldn’t it be great to see them on their wedding day and hear how they sounded when they exchanged their vows? Now your children, their children and so on would be able to view your wedding day. As they say in those MasterCard commercials, “It is priceless”.

We will capture your wedding day in a non-intrusive, discreet manner. This means capturing events as they naturally unfold and not the attention. In fact, you will probably notice the photographer more than us. Our documentary style will not interfere with the flow of events. We do not pose shots or get you or your guests do silly things. We use tasteful transitions (more on this later), not silly animations or cheesy special affects, to weave these real moments together into an emotional story. While you are enjoying the day, we are recording your emotions and seeing things you would not even notice.

We will never make your family/guest members feel uncomfortable. We will work closely with your photographer to ensure that we both work effectively. We will also respect any restrictions your church may have on placement of cameras, lights, and microphones. We will never use bright lights during the ceremony as we are using state-of-the-art broadcast quality digital video cameras that can shoot in low-light conditions. In most cases, churches have restriction on the usage of lights during the ceremony. However, if the reception or church is really dark, we must use a diffused 10-watt light to ensure a quality image. During the reception we will never use any bright, glaring light which we feel will destroy the mood and atmosphere that the DJ has created for you. On the primary and secondary camera, we may use a small 10-watt video light with a diffuser to minimize impacts on your guests. This is why it is so important that we attend your rehearsal to evaluate the location and discuss with your church official on a workable solution should we foresee any problems with the lighting.

No two weddings are alike. As such, we treat each wedding as a new and wonderful challenge that receives our complete attention, energy, enthusiasm and dedication. As a result, our video of each wedding are very different from one another. We do not follow a cookie-cutter approach where all our wedding video looks the same. This is what makes your video truly yours and unique to you.

We have different packages to suit your budget and needs. Our strength is in customer service. We will meet with you at your home or any place (over coffee, for example) that is convenient for you for the planning concept of your video so that nothing is left to chance on your wedding day. We will discuss your wedding day schedule, any special moments you want us capture, understand your taste on how you see the final product. Some couples prefer slower transitions in the montages versus the quicker pace transitions. This will also depend on the style of music that you will choose. By discussing in detail your expectation with us, you are greatly reducing the chances of a disappointing result.

Prior to your wedding day, we ask that you select and provide to us (CD format, if possible) up to 10 favorite songs. These are the songs that we will use in the video for the montages, photo shoot, bride preparation, etc. This further personalizes the video and makes it uniquely yours. If you have selected the baby pictures photo-montage, we ask that you also provide those pictures (up to 30 photos) to us. You will also provide your wedding invitation, a list of names (best man, bridesmaid(s), parents, relatives and so on) that will be added to the end of the video (scrolling credits). You can also provide a short thank you message that we will add during the credits. If you have also selected the honeymoon montage, those photos (up to 30) will need to be provided to us 1-2 weeks after your honeymoon. If you have shot some video, we can also add them in at the end of the video.

Pure Digital

We capture every magic moment of your special day using 2 broadcast quality 3CCD Digital Video camera (Canon XL1 and Canon GL2) Optionally, we will have a third unmanned video camera on a tripod usually located at the rear of the church for wide angle coverage. We capture your vows clearly using a wireless lapel microphone worn by the groom. We use professional non-linear editing (NLE) software that allows for maintaining the highest digital video image quality as possible to ensure that what you get on your DVD will be as close to the master copy.

Why a professional videographer?

One of the questions you will be asking yourselves is why would you need a wedding video when you already have a photographer? As well, why can't you just get a relative to shoot your video with his/her camcorder? We believe that both your wedding photographs and video will complement each other. Photographs capture an emotional instant/moment in time whereas a video captures sights, sounds and emotions of your special day. You get to relive your wedding day and get to see all the things that you would have otherwise missed. In terms of getting a friend or relative to videotape your wedding, all too often the results are poor. Unless your friend or relative is a professional, they may not have the means to own a high end digital camera to capture the clearest image, wireless microphones to capture your vows clearly, nor the equipment to edit your video. What you will get is an unedited home video tape that you will spend most of your time fast forwarding. With a professional team you get clear, crisp sound, sharp images and smooth camera movements. The pacing of each shot in your final video is quick and captivating, never dragging on longer than necessary.

As you look at our pricing structure and those of competitors, you will notice that they are in the same price range as your photographer's and sometimes even higher than your photographer's. This is due to having us constantly filming throughout the day (we usually shoot about 8-10 hours of video for coverage from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM - actually we have unlimited hours), the professional quality of our equipment, and our experiences. As well, once the footage has been shot, the work is not over. There is additional time required (around 45-55 hours) in editing your video tape.

When you consider the creativity of style and the time and effort spent filming and editing your video, we feel it is an exceptional value for you money. You may be able to find someone who can do it for less, but remember, this special day in your life only happens once.